Preventive Health Care

We place an emphasis on preventive health and lifestyle modification.


Dr. Beede has had extensive experience in nutrition counseling. We do not promote nutritional supplements unless indicated, which is uncommon. The foods you choose to eat day in and day out will have a far greater effect on your health than anything you can get from the supplement shop and there is no supplement or exercise that will make up for a poor diet. We concentrate on establishing a practical diet based a healthy variety of nutritious foods.

Tobacco Cessation

Dr. Beede has done research in tobacco cessation with the Nicotine Dependency Center of the Mayo Clinic. We help patients quit smoking with proven strategies and medications tailored to each individual patient.

Healthcare Screening

We recommend proven routine healthcare screening based on the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and other recognized authorities on healthcare screening.

Inpatient Care

Dr. Beede provides hospital care at Boca Raton Community Hospital.