About Us

Mission Statement

We exist to provide primary care health services to adults in our community that are . . .

Patient-centered. We strive to practice not only high-quality medicine, but also high-quality service that is sensitive to the particular needs of each individual patient. An essential element of quality medical care is patient education. A well-educated patient becomes a partner with their health care provider in pursuing optimal well-being.

Evidence-based. Medicine today is changing at an ever-increasing pace. In our efforts to stay up to date, it is important we follow the science of medicine, not the fashion. The care we offer to our patients is based on sound scientific principles, not fads.

Our Philosophy

We provide traditional internal medicine services with a strong emphasis on healthy lifestyle, patient service, and continuous quality improvement. Service offerings, scheduling and practice decisions are heavily influenced by patent needs and desires. Careful attention to office systems with extensive utilization of information technology allow us to deliver both high quality medical care and excellent service while reducing medical errors.

Healthy Lifestyle

Seven of the nine top causes of death in the United States are lifestyle related. We make our patients aware of the health consequences of their lifestyle decisions, but improvement involves more than just pointing out health vices. We utilize patient education to provide our patients with tools to make better lifestyle choices.

High Quality Medical Care

We place a premium on practicing evidence-based medicine. This means closely following the medical literature and plenty of continuing medical education. We strive to consider scientific evidence over what is trendy or lucrative. We are open-minded in considering new options but look for the same rigorous scientific evidence of effectiveness and safety for both traditional and alternative medicine.

Excellent Service

We strive to provide the most appropriate medical care at the most appropriate time in the most appropriate location. Extensive use of office automation and information technology streamlines office procedures and allows for more efficient use of our office staff. We also have a formal process for continuous review of our office procedures to identify opportunities for improvement. For our patients, this means less waiting for appointments, less waiting in our clinic and less waiting on the phone.

Reducing Medical Errors

There is a growing recognition of the problem of medical errors in our country, but why do medical errors occur? Research shows that largely errors do not occur because health care providers are “bad” or sloppy providers. Errors occur because care delivery systems are designed in ways that allow errors to occur. Our practice utilizes the latest in office automation and information technology that allows us to systematically reduce many common causes of medical errors.

Meet the Practitioner

Dr. Scott Beede MD, PA

Dr. Beede is a board certified specialist in internal medicine with over 23 years of practice experience and concentrates on primary care medicine for adults. Dr. Beede attended Mayo Medical School at the Mayo Clinic and completed his internal medicine residency at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Beede practiced at the Mayo Health System facility in La Crosse, Wisconsin for 6 years where he served as chair of the internal medicine department before moving to South Florida in 1999.

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